Contributing spectrum data

How to contribute spectrum data to this site.

Before you contribute

This site utilises a package called mobile-spectrum-data for its per-country spectrum allocation information, as well as various spectrum/RAT related functions. This package is maintained by myself, and is licensed under the LGPL-3.0.

By contributing to the package, you state that you have read and understood the conditions of the LGPL-3.0 license, and are happy for your contributions to be included in the package under this license.

Mapping spectrum

You should always start by finding an official source for frequency allocations in your region or country. Typically, these will be government agencies, such as Ofcom in the UK. Please attach this source to your blocks in the editor wherever possible (preferably by URL, but a named source is ok).

The GUI editor will automatically idenitfy some inconsistencies in your entries, such as:

  • overlapping blocks
  • mismatched spectrum for paired blocks

Just because no errors show in the editor, doesn't guarantee that there are no issues. For example, the editor does not check that:

  • ARFCNs are valid for the defined block
  • start and end frequencies match the band name(s)
  • you have entered the correct owner names

While all contributions are welcome, high quality ones are appreciated much more. People who have done all the research and back up their spectrum claims with sources will see the most accepted changes compared to those who are relying on "trust me bro".

Sending your changes

When your spectrum edits are complete, and you're ready to contribute them, hit the "Export JSON to file" button on the page. Save this file somewhere on your device.

You'll need to upload this file to a new GitHub issue for the JSON to be processed and added to the package and website. Make sure you choose the correct option depending on whether your country or region is already in the package and you're editing it, or you're adding a new country or region.