Spectrum editor

Interactive GUI editor for mobile spectrum data.

This service is in beta

You may encounter bugs, glitches, missing features or various other issues. Please report any issues to @davwheat on Telegram or @davwheat_ on Twitter, or open an issue on GitHub.


The spectrum editor is a web-based tool for editing and visualising mobile spectrum, designed for use with my mobile-spectrum-data package, used for displaying spectrum for countries and regions on this website.

Your changes are automatically saved to your browser. You can safely navigate away and return later. If you clear your browsing data or use a feature like private browsing, you will lose all of your edits.

You can paste an existing spectrum JSON file into the editor, load a file from your system, or start from scratch. You can then edit the spectrum data, and view the results with visualisations, and save the resulting JSON to your system for contribution.


This spectrum editor GUI can be used to easily contribute to the mobile-spectrum-data package. For more information about this, please see the dedicated contributing page.

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