Romanian ARFCN list

A mostly complete dataset of Romanian mobile network data carriers by their NR/EARFCN.


An ARFCN is an acronym which stands for absolute radio frequency channel number. This is a unique number which can represent any valid radio frequency covered by the appropriate 3GPP radio access technology (RAT) specification.

ARFCN can be prefixed with characters to show which RAT they are representing. NR ARFCNs are for 5G/NR, EARFCNs are for EUTRA (4G/LTE), UARFCNs are for UMTS (3G) and ARFCNs are for GSM (2G).

In 4G LTE and previous generations of RAT, ARFCNs represented the centre of a carrier band, but with 5G NR this changed to the NR ARFCN representing any frequency within the network's carrier, and the centre point is often determined using an offset sent in the SIB1.

Romanian ARFCN table

Radio access technology (RAT)


EARFCN Bandwidth Band Operator Description
7815 MHzB1DigiStandard B1 deployment
10310 MHzB1DigiB1 deployment in areas with 3G
22815 MHzB1TelekomB1 deployment in 5G areas
25110 MHzB1TelekomStandard B1 deployment
40010 MHzB1OrangeStandard B1 deployment
49810 MHzB1VodafoneStandard B1 deployment
125610 MHzB3VodafoneStandard secondary B3 carrier
12835 MHzB3VodafoneSecondary B3 carrier in some areas with 2G on Band 3
140020 MHzB3VodafoneStandard primary B3 carrier
160020 MHzB3OrangeStandard B3 deployment
179820 MHzB3TelekomStandard B3 deployment - less than 100 resource blocks due to 2G
295020 MHzB7OrangeStandard B7 deployment
315020 MHzB7DigiStandard B7 deployment - carrier 1
334820 MHzB7DigiStandard B7 deployment - carrier 2
35783 MHzB8DigiStandard B8 deployment - in the process of being refarmed to 2G
36505 MHzB8TelekomStandard B8 deployment
61755 MHzB20DigiStandard B20 deployment
625010 MHzB20VodafoneStandard B20 deployment
635010 MHzB20OrangeStandard B20 deployment
64255 MHzB20TelekomStandard B20 deployment
941010 MHzB28OrangeStandard B28 deployment
1002020 MHzB32OrangeStandard B32 deployment - carrier 1
1022020 MHzB32OrangeStandard B32 deployment - carrier 2
3780010 MHzB38DigiStandard B38 deployment - in Huawei areas
3790220 MHzB38DigiStandard B38 deployment - in Nokia and Ericsson areas
3795020 MHzB38DigiStandard B38 deployment - in Huawei areas
3810020 MHzB38DigiStandard B38 deployment - in Nokia and Ericsson areas