UK telecoms streetworks map

See active and future telecoms streetworks in the UK.

What are streetworks?

Streetworks are the name for any form of construction works taking place on or near a carriageway or footway. When these works take place, companies must apply to the local authority responsible for the road for permission to conduct their works.

Obtaining this permission ensures that correct traffic management systems are in place, such as temporary traffic lights, lane closures or diversions, as well as ensuring that multiple planned works don't interfere with each other, or potential large-scale events.

Our map

We've put together a wonderful map that will show you all telecommunication-related works taking place across Great Britain. Our data comes from the same place as (the Better Internet Dashboard), so you know you can trust it.

On our site, most companies (known as streetworks promoters) have their own custom code (up to 4 letters), as well as an appropriate brand colour to match. If you spot one we haven't got, let us know on Twitter.

You can tap a map bubble to show detailed information about the works. Where possible, we try to provide descriptions of the work being done, but not all local authorities release this data to the public, unfortunately. You can also filter which promoters to show on the map from the settings dialog with the cog in the bottom-right of the map.

Current issues (11 Apr 2024)

We're aware that the streetworks map isn't currently showing any data. We're looking into this and hope to get this sorted as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we recommend you try using, however you won't be able to view information for Wales, or works descriptions.