Road coverage not-spots

Every section of UK motorway and A-road marked as not having "indoor" 4G coverage.

About this map

Great Britain has a distinct lack of mobile connectivity across swaths of its transportation network.

We can combine data collected from network coverage maps with maps of major UK transport infrastructure to find where networks report they have sub-standard coverage.

For this map, we have highlighted all areas of the UK motorway and A-road network which operators do not list indoor 4G coverage for. Unfortunately, this does rely on the networks not providing overly generous coverage estimations for their maps.

We note that EE appears to provide the most realistic coverage estimations on their maps, so appear to have more "not-spots" than other networks, but it is likely the other networks would perform similarly if real-world testing was performed.


A huge thanks to @lightspeed2398 who created this dataset, utilising coverage data archives from this site.

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